Vendor Info

- Only healthy, captive bred animals will be offered for sale. Absolutely no wild-caught animals allowed. 

- Vendors must comply with all local, state and federal laws! Please research the laws and abide by them.


- To view the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Classification of Species List and Wildlife Integrity Rules (OAR 635-056), please click here .

- To view the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Regulations, click here.

- NO BURMESE PYTHONS, INDIAN PYTHONS, AFRICAN ROCK PYTHONS, RETICULATED PYTHONS, AMETHYSTINE PYTHONS, ANACONDAS, VENOMOUS or CROCODILIANS will be for sale at the Portland Metro Reptile Expo!  First and foremost, Multnomah County has strict regulations regarding keeping them.  We agree with this regulation and strongly feel these species should be kept by advanced hobbyists only and not beginners.  Anyone attempting to bring any of these species to the show will be forced to leave immediately and banned from our events.

- All animals must be healthy and properly labeled in a safe enclosure.

- The expo is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

- Receipts must be accompanied with every transaction.

- Each table is 6 foot long and includes a tablecloth (which also serves as skirting).

- All vendors have access to electricity (no extra charge). Please bring your own power cords and multi-outlets.

- WE DO NOT HOLD TABLES WITHOUT REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT. Tables are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. You are only guaranteed table(s) if you have registered online and paid for them! We always sell out each show, so get your registration and payment in as early as possible.

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