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I've never been to a reptile expo or pet show.  What should I expect when I get there?

Reptile Expos are a gathering place for the reptile industry as a whole.  The show is set up like any other trade show (such as a craft show, coin show, dog show, etc.)  There are 130+ tables and 50+ vendors at each expo.  These vendors consist of hobbyists, full-time breeders, retail stores, non-profit organizations and more.  Our shows appeal to all ages, especially children.  If you are wanting to buy a new pet or just want to admire some fascinating animals, our reptile expos are perfect for you.  You will find a wide array of captive bred reptiles for sale, along with with insects, cages, supplies, books and much more.


What are the hours of the shows?

All of our Reptile Expos are from 10 am to 5 pm.


How much is the price of admission and how do I pay to get in the show?

2014 admission price to the expos is $10 per adult, $5 for kids age 6-12, age 5 & under are free.  For a dollar off coupon for each person in your party, click here:


I'm handicapped and would like to attend.  Are the shows handicap friendly?

Definitely, all of our events are wheel-chair accessible.


My son wants a snake.  What kind of snake would you recommend for him?

Personally, I would start off with a cornsnake.  They have a lower start up cost, feed readily, require minimal space, don't get very big, and tolerate handling.


Do you accept credit cards at the admission?  How about the vendors, do they accept credit cards?

We do not accept credit cards at the admission doors, although we accept checks and cash.  As far as the vendors, roughly 50 percent will accept a credit card in some form (i.e. credit card machine, instant paypal transaction, etc.)


I've noticed other reptile shows are two day events.  Why are yours only one day?

We get this question all the time!  The main reason is the health and well-being of the animals.  A two day event is a lot of stress on the animals, as they are out of their environment for up to 3 days.  A one day show also allows us to appeal to hobbyist vendors, many of who may not be able to commit to a two day event.


Can I purchase animals from the vendors?

Yes!  There is a huge selection of captive bred snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, frogs, toads, rats/mice, crickets/worms, cages, supplies, books and wildlife art for sale!  Educational tables are also set up for people to handle some reptiles


Are there any aquatic turtles available at the show?

Yes, we have a handful of aquatic turtle breeders who attend our show including Pacific Northwest Turtleworks, Deer Fern Farms, and Turtle Time.


I'm trying to find a specific Kenyan Sand boa morph.  Should I arrive early to the show to make sure I get the snake of my choice?

Yes, we always recommend getting to the show as early as possible if you are looking for a certain species.  Although, if you arrive at the end of the show, don't be alarmed.  Many times the vendors are willing to negotiate good deals toward the end of the shows; especially if they are eager to sell a particular animal or product.


I have a iguana I'm trying to re-home.  Do you guys take in rescues or recommend anyone?

We do not take in rescued animals, although we recommend contacting the Oregon Herpetological Society or Hart's Reptile World.  If you would like their contact info, send us an email.


Whats the best low-maintenance frog to keep?

We personally would suggest a pacman frog.  They are super-hardy, require minimal space, eat voraciously, and are handleable.


Are there cages and lighting available to buy in case I decide to bring home a new pet?

Everything you need for your new pet can be purchased at our shows.


Who are the vendors?

The vendors range from small-med scale hobbyists, full-time breeders, retail pet stores, industry manufacturers, and non-profit organizations.


Can I haggle on pricing with the vendors?

Yes!  Don't be afraid to haggle.  The worst the vendor can say is "no".


I don't want to buy anything, but would like to hold a lizard at the show.  Is that an option?

Definitely.  The Oregon Herpetological Society and Hart's Reptile World will have animals available for the public to handle.


Are animal prices at the shows comparable to retail prices at stores and online?

At our shows, you have the ability to buy breeder direct which can always save you money.


Whats the difference between buying an reptile online versus at a reptile show?

At at reptile show, you can purchase your animals directly from the breeder or dealer and do not have to have the animal shipped.  You get the luxury of asking questions face to face with the seller, plus get to choose the exact animal you want.  This is not the case when you purchase an animal online.


Do you allow people to bring in their pets?

No, we do not allow for the public to bring any outside pets in the reptile expo.

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